Call for Participation

Animal Computer Interaction (ACI), looks at creating interfaces and methods for animals to use technology. Whilst this is often seen as a subfield of HCI, the methodologies are often shared with growth of parallel theories and transferability becoming more apparent; in this way the two fields are in fact entwined. HCI methods are often used in a transformative way in ACI. The aim of this workshop is to specifically consider what we can learn about humans from studying non-human animals and therefore explore what, if anything, ACI can offer HCI. This is of particular interest to those working in the subfields of HCI with non-verbal or low cognition users such as Child Computer Interaction (CCI) and Human Robot Interaction (HRI). This is interesting because currently ACI takes a lot of methods from HCI and it would be pertinent to loop back to see if some knowledge can be returned to the HCI field.

The workshop will bring together researchers from across HCI but especially from areas like Human Robot Interaction (HRI) and Child Computer Interaction (CCI) who may also have a view on the transferability of methods and concepts to discuss methodological issues.

We welcome short papers or comments (up to 6 pages) in ACM extended abstract format the topic of method or theory of transference within ACI and HCI including the subfields of HRI, CCI, on the method applicability issues. Such papers can either be standard research papers or can be commentary on the workshop themes.

Those not affiliated with a paper presentation but interested in attending should submit a short bio (200 words) identifying their interest and background relevant to the workshop topic.

lease email submissions, interest in attending or questions, to the primary organiser  Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas ( These papers will then be reviewed by two experts. At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop.


Deadline for workshop papers & interest: 12th September

Notification of acceptance: 14th September, 2016

Workshop date: 23rd October, 2016