Where HCI meets ACI is a one day workshop preceding in NordiCHI 2016  on Sunday 23rd of October.

This one day workshop aims to examine the interactions and the space between HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and ACI (Animal Computer Interaction) focusing on the transferability of methods and ideas between the fields.

The workshop has two main aims:

  • Strengthen connected thinking whilst highlighting the exchangeable connecting methods from both ACI and HCI and there subfields such as Child Computer Interaction (CCI) and Human Robot Interaction (HRI).
  • Discussing what these fields learn from each other with their similarities and differences being mapped.

This workshop will help connect researchers from different fields together. As a result this workshop will expand beyond ACI into analysis of methodology practice and application, into animal specific design and into the summary of joint knowledge. By creating bridges between these subject fields this can only reinforce and progress both HCI and ACI.

At the workshop, participants will:

  • Map out the research space between and within ACI & HCI to identify gaps and current methods and theories employed.
  • Create guidelines to help future researchers transfer HCI methods to ACI and then back, or to, HCI from ACI based on the findings found within the workshop on previous publications.
  • Start a discussion about this interchange of disciplines to strengthen both fields by bringing in new perspectives to both ACI and HCI.
  • Identification of methods used in HCI that are used in ACI and as such, seeing what methods are used in ACI exclusively. This helps highlight how ACI transfers to HCI and enriches the methodologies whilst simultaneously answering the question does ACI identify and enrich HCI.

The output of this workshop will be an initial mapping of the ACI and HCI field’s interchange of methods and learning transferability as well as an advanced understanding of how the two fields are useful to each other.